Assorted kinds for different feels. Enjoy all six styles of juicy fruit masturbation cups for a variety of great orgasm experiences! To use, peel away the wrapper, open the shell to access the fruit inside. Remove the included lubricant pouch and pour lube into the cup and around the opening for smooth insertion. Each cup has a unique and exciting internal texture.

Red Cup: Delicate ribs create smooth sensations by stretching by stroking. You will love the feeling

Green Cup: The "Bumpy". Feel the sensation of a woman with the scatered nubs found on the inside to enhance your excitment

Purple Cup: All over pattern delivers exciting stimulations, creating a mind blowing masturbation experience

Orange Cup : Delivers refreshing sensations by strocking your penis in bi-directional directions creating a greater stimulation.

Pink Cup: Delivers maximum excitment with its upwards and downwards pattern.

Blue Cup: Wavy pattern delivers ecstatic sensations. Reusable cups. Can be used with your favorite lubricant.

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Apple Shaped Masturbation Cups

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